Photographer's Perspective CHANNEL 5 NEWS Taking You Live on

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Brooks County- Photojournalist Sergio Puente and reporter Frank McCaffrey headed to Brooks County to cover a large wildfire. They knew they would have to go live from that location for the evening news.

There are 3 ways CHANNEL 5 NEWS can broadcast live from the field.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS' photojournalist are trained to used microwave van, dejero and satellite truck.

The microwave truck is probably the oldest way to transmit video. A pole attached to the van will transmit information to another land-tower so the station can broadcast it straight to your home.

The now most popular way to live stream video is with a device called dejero. The dejero device connects to a cell phone tower, which will then stream or transfer video to the KRGV studios in Weslaco.

Brooks County is a rural area and signal is very faint. In that case, we have to use the satellite truck. With the satellite we can broadcast from anywhere in the world.  

One thing for sure is, CHANNEL 5 NEWS will always figure out a way to bring you the story.


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