Prostate Cancer Awareness Month: Valley doctor urges regular screenings starting at 50 years old

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September marks Prostate Cancer Awareness month.

Doctors say it's a cancer that's often overlooked when it comes to prevention.

The American Cancer Society estimates doctors will diagnose close to a quarter of a million cases of prostate cancer this year and more than 34,000 people will die from it.

That's why Valley doctors are urging men, especially in their 50s, to take action with preventative care. DHR Health urologist Dr. David Alonzo has worked with high risk prostate cancer patients for years, and he says over the past year, the number of men coming in for screenings has dropped significantly.

"Pre-pandemic, the amount of men who are coming in specifically for prostate cancer examinations or surveillance or detection has really dropped about 20 percent as compared to in 2018," Dr. Alonzo said.

Research shows there aren't many symptoms that lead up to prostate cancer, and the best way to avoid getting it is prevention with regular screenings starting at 50 years old.

In an effort to raise awareness about prostate cancer prevention and treatment options, DHR Health’s Urology Institute will host a low-cost to no cost blood test screening and informational at the RGV Toros game on Saturday, Sept. 25 at 7:30pm.


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