Rancher Seeing Uptick in Animal Abuse Among Livestock Across Valley

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MERCEDES – A rancher says he's seeing a repeat problem in the Rio Grande Valley: horses and donkeys left to fend for themselves.

A federal program is allowing people to get a horse or donkey at a very good price.

The problem is some of them might not be ready for the responsibility.

Donkeys were found in a lot in Hidalgo County that had no more grass, without food or water.

Teo Martinez, an Hidalgo County cowboy, works with police on livestock issues. He has been helping the animals regain their strength.

The mark on the donkey is called a freezemark and it's put on horses and donkeys that are sold to people by the Federal Bureau of Land Management Adoption Program.

When populations get high they're not killed to control populations, such as deer or hogs or other species.

They're adopted around the country and in the Valley, for as little as $25.

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