Raymondville Warning Residents to Clean Up Lots or Be Cited

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RAYMONDVILLE – The city of Raymondville is working to clamp down on any potential mosquito problem.

Officials are beginning to cite people who aren’t taking care of weeds, tall grass and garbage on their properties.

They said it’s more than breaking the law, the city is worried the long grass and dirty lots could turn into a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It could pose a public health hazard.

Jesus Castro Jr. said the lot next to his has looked unkept for too long. He said it gets worse.

“I just feel disgusted because here we are trying to keep our property nice and clean, and then the property next to us is all messed up,” he said. “And it’s all around town too. It’s not just here. It’s everywhere.”

Raymondville leaders said they agree.

The city public works director said if people aren’t maintaining their property, they should expect a citation. He said they’re going to start sending them out soon.

Castro said the property next door makes him want to stay inside.

“And then the grass grows so high, the mosquitoes and everything come to our property. It’s just bad for everybody,” he said.

According to the city’s weed ordinance, lots need to be kept free from weeds, garbage and unsanitary items or they could receive a $200 penalty for each violation in the form of a lien on their property. That means it could be impossible to sell their home until they pay the fee for up to 10 years.

Castro said it’s about time.

“They haven’t done anything about it. It makes our home look ugly just being their next to us,” he said.

City officials said this is the time of year when people need to pay special attention to their lawn. Public works director Joel Soto said when it rains, grass and weeds can really sprout up and take over very quickly.

He said the city is already strapped for labor, taking care of about 100 lots.


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