Resource center helping expecting mothers

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A nonprofit in Mission is expecting to open its door earlier than expected. 

Jo-Nic Bloom Studio is a resource center for expecting mothers. The organization hopes to help soon-to-be- moms struggling with their pregnancy. 

"We were slated to open August the first, open to the public but in light of this decision we know that there will be women already in need of services," Founder of Jo-Nic Bloom Studio Audrey Munoz said. 

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The nonprofit offers a wide range of services, including sonograms, diapers, brand new baby clothes and counseling. 

"They may not have a family that is supportive of this unplanned pregnancy and they are just so fearful of what's next," Munoz said. 'How do I tell mom?' 'How do I tell dad?' So we want to make sure that we are here for them to emotionally support them every step of the way."

"It's very necessary and I think it's very helpful to have that option of going and asking for help," Valley mother Abigail Luna said. "it's not easy for mothers to ask for help."

"A lot of single moms," Valley mother Monica Rodriguez said. "I myself was there at one time going to school, going to work, and I struggled having to to buy the things that they need."

The services offered are free of charge.

Munoz says right now, they are asking for community support to help get the center up and running sooner than expected. 

"The nation at large are 50/50 pro-life, pro-choice," Munoz said. "Regardless of where you stand here, we want to communicate the love and the compassion for every woman."

For more information about the nonprofit, click here.

If you'd like to assist the center, click here. 


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