San Benito Residents Feeling Ignored by the City after Several Complaints

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SAN BENITO – They live inside the city limits, but they say it doesn't feel like it.

People on Nixon Road in San Benito say they are tired of bringing up complaints to the city of San Benito and not seeing any results.  

Pot holes, no street lights, public nuisances and several city complaints.

Maria Garcia says she's tired of the way the city is treating her family and neighbors.

Garcia says the city sometimes just cover the streets with a dirt-like substance and call it a day.

She adds that isn't enough and it's ruining her cars.

Garcia's not alone; she's one of five people who live on Nixon Road who believe the city is ignoring them.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS went to the San Benito City Hall to try to find someone to talk to us about these complaints.

Watch the video for the full story.


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