San Benito Residents Question Safety Due to Road Problems

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SAN BENITO – Residents stranded on a road in San Benito are worried they can't get emergency help if they need it.

The road is definitely not easy to travel with the amount of bumps and potholes on it.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke to residents on Railroad Street who said they don't get services to their homes like trash pick up, mail delivery, but the most concerning is emergency vehicles.

"One day I got sick and the ambulance couldn't enter, so instead I had to use my door on the side and they made it over there,” says Celsa Rodriguez.

The city of San Benito sent us a statement that reads in part:

"We understand the frustration, but the City does not legally own the road, and therefore cannot use public funds to maintain it, under existing State Statutes."

They also added the road is private property and after looking into they realized it doesn't include a public right of way which is the issue.

Watch the video for the full story.


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