School District near Border Taking Precautions to Protect Students

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SANTA MARIA – A local school district is taking precautions because of their school's proximity to the border.

Last week, immigrants hiding from federal agents ran unto school grounds at Hidalgo High School.

KRGV’s Frank McCaffrey spoke with a resident who lives less than a mile from the border.

"Some people would come, the dogs would bark. They've come in the past and knocked on my window. One time one even trespassed all the way to my door to knock. They ask for food, water and directions," explains resident Maximo Rivas.

He says he’s concerned since he lives less than a block away from a school and worries for the students’ safety.

The chief of police at Santa Maria Independent School District says the school has two officers on duty.

He says they are taking precautions in case those crossing into the country illegally cross onto the campus.  

Watch the video above for the full story.


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