Substance abuse counselor gives tips for people struggling during the holidays

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A substance abuse counselor in Pharr says his number of clients has doubled this year.

Nick Torrez with New Wine Counseling says the holidays can be hard for people in recovery, but says there is help out there. 

Torrez leads a group session where people discuss ways to remain sober and avoid falling into old habits.

One of those ways is to make sure that you let family and friends know that you no longer live that lifestyle and give them your boundaries.

"I would say try to listen and try to be receptive or open to the idea that your family member is actually trying to stay sober,” Torrez said.

"Temptation's going to be there when we get together, but you have to be strong-minded," said a woman in recovery. 

For those in recovery or struggling with sobriety, Torrez says to consider making several escape plans, like calling an Uber if someone drove you to a gathering, or even hosting the event so you can set the rules.

During the holidays, many places aren't open but Torrez says there are 12-step groups that can be accessed throughout the day.

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