Tamaulipas Officials Fight Against Organized Crime

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REYNOSA, TAMAULIPAS - Mexican authorities seized hundreds of high-powered weapons; they tell us the majority of the guns from Tamaulipas, come from the U.S.

Tamaulipas Governor, Francisco Cabeza de Vaca, says the import of illegal firearms in Mexico is a rampant problem.

"In Tamaulipas approximately 80 percent of the weapons confiscated from criminals, come from the United States," says Cabeza de Vaca.

General Carlos Pancardo, in charge of military operations along the Tamaulipas border, says under the leadership of President Manuel Lopez Obrador one of the priorities is the fight against organized crime.

"As military, federal and state police continue seizing shipments of illegal weapons in Tamaulipas, the amount of criminal acts that jeopardize people's lives is also diminished," says General Pancardo.

Officials say, they also have to battle organized crime by discouraging these young people who often become recruits targeted by cartels.

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