Teacher Starts Dialogue over President Trump’s Latest Action

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DONNA – A teacher at Donna ISD turned his lesson plan into an open discussion to help students better understand each other and the president’s actions.

President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday to jumpstart construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and strip funding for sanctuary cities.

Matt Marshall is an economics and government teacher at Donna North High School. He said it was important for his students to discuss and voice their opinions.

“It’s cutting the American dream because this county is built on immigrants,” student Fernanda Figueroa said.

One student said her parents came to the U.S. to give her a better life. Many others said they know the struggles across the border.

“Well, I believe sir that this is going to be a waste of money and time,” student Marco Trevino said.

However, another student noted a decrease in immigration would let the country to focus in itself.

Every student’s view was different. They each learned a valuable lesson on how to voice their own opinion.

Marshall said people should vent their views, but do so respectfully.

“That’s what a democracy is. It should not just be one view point, it ought to be all kinds of views and our views should also be challenged,” he said. 


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