Texas Border Coalition discusses potential issues of more enhanced inspections at the border

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A coalition of elected officials and business leaders from the region met Thursday to address healthcare, the workforce, and economic development issues in the area.

Among the discussions was the possibility of the return of enhanced inspections at the border.

Gov. Greg Abbott enacted the inspections in response to the end of Title 42 and ended last month after Abbott secured deals with four border Mexican governors to increase security along their border with Texas.

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Abbott said last month that the inspections would be reinstated if there is an increase in migrants crossing the border illegally.

The coalition's agenda included addressing dialogue with officials in Mexico.

“I think having those strong partnerships with Mexico really allowed us to have those kinds of conversations, agnostic of what Gov. Abbott wants to do or will continue to do,” Michael Vargas – assistant director of public affairs for the city of Pharr said.


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