Valley doctor stresses urgency to use safety practices after losing mother to coronavirus

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Nayeli Rodulfo-Zayas works as a doctor in an emergency room. For months she’s been inside the COVID-19 battleground with no end in sight. She lost her mother, 57-year-old Blanca Zayas, last week to the coronavirus.

“I know numbers are important, but until it affects you personally and you lose a loved one, then the numbers stop being important, you know,” said Rodulfo.

A few weeks ago, Blanca was admitted into a hospital and was later tested positive for the virus. Fourteen days later, she died.

Rodulfo isn’t sure where her mother contracted the virus, but is aware she had been to several stores and attended a house party with friends.

The doctor is urging the public to social distance, wear a mask and follow the health practices known. She says being inside the hospital, seeing patients suffer is heartbreaking.

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Correction: Due to an editing error, Nayeli Rodulfo Zayas' name was misspelled in one instance.


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