Valley organization lobbying for pro-abortion bills

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The state’s new abortion law is prompting weekend protests across the nation as local activists look to Washington D.C. for help.

The Texas Heartbeat Act –which makes it illegal for a woman to get an abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected - went into effect on Sept. 1.

The Frontera Fund, a local organization which helps women pay for abortions, has felt an impact ever since.

The group is lobbying Valley representatives for three laws.

  • The Women’s Health Protection Act, which protects the right to abortions 
  • The Each Act - or Equal Access To Abortion Coverage In Health Insurance Act, which allows Medicaid to cover abortions
  • The Heal Act - or Healthy Environment For All Act – which helps undocumented immigrants get faster healthcare

All three Valley congressmen have not commented to Channel 5 News what their stance on the bills is.


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