Valley rideshare and delivery drivers facing challenges as gas prices increase

By: Stefany Rosales

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The sharp rise in gas prices is impacting everyone across the Rio Grande Valley, including the people you call when you can't or don't want to drive yourself.

Mat Rueter is a driver for Uber and Lyft, both app-based transportation companies that provide many Americans mobility.

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Rueter says he's worked for the ride-sharing apps for about five years as a side gig. On Wednesday, he drove around Brownsville and noticed some people were waiting for almost 30 minutes for a ride.

"Some people want to go just down the street to the corner," Rueter said. "You only make $3 for all that travel. That's why [drivers] aren't logging in."

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Rueter also picks up and delivers food for the app DoorDash, an online food ordering platform. But with the surge in gas prices, Rueter says it's not worth it, so he relies even more on tips.

"You know, it's kind of a volume business. It's like waiting tables," Rueter said. "Maybe one table doesn't tip you well. The next one does. The next one is a good table. You kind of have to go off the law of large numbers."

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