Woman Seeks Answers after Months of Broken AC Unit

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UPDATE (5/10): The woman who dealt with air condition issues for months has been refunded her money. 

Texas Outdoor Power Equipment took back the unit on Monday and she received her refund Friday. 


EDINBURG – An Edinburg woman says she’s been struggling with her AC unit for 10 months.

Maria Elena Gonzalez bought a mini-split AC unit for $850 from Texas Outdoor Power Equipment.

Gonzalez says, when the company first installed the unit, it wouldn’t turn on.

She explains the company then replaced the unit, and added an extension in order to connect it to the electrical outlet inside; that outlet burned and the problems continued.

Gonzalez says she places a bucket under the AC unit every time she turns it on; behind it, mold has formed from the leak.

"My main concern would be my children. That it's a safety hazard for my son and my daughter," she says.

Gonzalez’s daughter has cerebral palsy and her son has asthma, she’s concerned her kids can't come home to a fresh house.

The sales representative from Texas Outdoor Power Equipment said the AC unit came with a five-year warranty; that detail is missing from her receipt. 

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to Texas Outdoor Power Equipment about the issue.

They told us they would not be replacing the AC unit again, but would refund Maria Elena Gonzalez the money she paid.

For more information watch the video above.


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