5 On Your Side: Homebound Edcouch man in need of working wheelchair

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An Edcouch man is looking for answers after being homebound for almost two years.

"I just need a chair, really, because right now I'm in bed all day just like this," said Edcouch resident Guadalupe Quiroz. "I've been like this for almost two years."

Quiroz is confined to his bed and his wheelchair no longer works. Held together by wood, rope and a wire hanger, it's no longer safe to use.

"He sits on this and sometimes he sits outside; I'm afraid he might fall down and have another accident," said his mother, Josefina Quiroz.

Quiroz's parents and caregivers have been trying to contact the wheelchair company, National Seating & Mobility, to get things fixed, and although they did receive a new chair, it's not the right size.

"Cause this is 22 inches and that one is 18 inches," Josefina said.

"The deterioration in my health, my muscles and everything, I can't move as much as I used to because of it because I'm just stuck here in bed," Quiroz said. "All I want is for them to come and do what they're supposed to do because that's their job, fix the mistake that they made."

Almost two years later and still no response.

Channel 5 News reached out to the wheelchair company both by phone and email on Monday but has not received a response.

The Disability Chamber of Commerce says with almost 300,000 people living with disabilities in our region, many still do not know where to turn to for help.

"I think we are still lightyears behind in reference to the empowerment for people with disabilities in our area and we need a little more leadership courses for people with disabilities," said DCC President Evelyn Cano. 

One way suggested to get assistance is to dial 211.

"211 acts like 911 and it's something you can dial across the state of Texas that can help Texans with disabilities acquire services a little bit quicker, maybe healthcare, maybe basic needs, and so they will help line you up with the proper agencies," Cano said.

For now, Guadalupe will have to continue living from his bed until he's able to get help.

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