Made in the 956: Valley field investigator studies unidentified flying objects

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Did you know there's a group of people right here in the Valley who study UFO's?

They're part of the group Mutual UFO Network, and the Valley has a local chapter.

George Bustilloz runs it, and he's this week's Made in the 956.

It seems, lately, there’s been all sorts of reports of things in our skies — like that Chinese spy balloon. 

That was identified, but when it’s unidentified, that’s when George Bustilloz comes in.

"MUFON is an investigative and research organization, it's the oldest in the United States," Bustilloz said. "It's been around since 1969. The basic purpose of MUFON is to investigate, to do the research and provide that information. We have a database of over 100,000 cases."

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Anyone can access the website, make a report, and can choose to stay anonymous.

"It is pretty much anonymous to the outside world, that way, they can't be harassed in any shape, way or form or embarrassed if they're feeling kind of leery about contacting," Bustilloz said. "But now we're getting cases unbelievably from back in 1970." 

But not just anyone can become a field investigator, though.

"We had to be vetted and make sure there was no criminal background and making sure everything was on the up and up; we had to take a course," Bustilloz said.

And after taking a test, passing it and doing a little shadowing, Bustilloz was then off on his own.

"I've done about 30 cases now," Bustilloz said.

Bustilloz analyzes videos and photos, and now he's leading the local MUFON chapter.  

"I started it from scratch, and I'll tell ya, I've had a lot of good support," Bustilloz said. "Not only from MUFON, but where we have our meetings is the VFW in Harlingen. I'm a member of the VFW, but the commander there, Trey Vela, he allows us to use one of the big common area or ballroom area the second Tuesday or the third Tuesday of every month for free. And all we have to do is keep it clean," 

The MUFON RGV chapter can be found on Facebook.

"We don’t deal in science fiction, we don’t want to deal in science fiction. We want to deal with the facts because we're a research and investigative society," Bustilloz said. "We want to go ahead and get people educated. We want to pique people's interest, and we want to go ahead and let them feel like they're a part of it."

George Bustilloz, and the MUFON RGV Chapter, Made in the 956.

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