8-Liner Establishments Subject to Stricter Regulations

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RAYMONDVILLE – Eight-liners in Willacy County are now subject to strict new rules. Commissioners approved regulations requiring a permit to operate.

The eight-liner regulations replace a months-long temporary ban on commercial business permits. The larger ban started late last year and officials expressed concern over affecting the business community.

"Give us an ordinance first and give us something with some teeth in it," said Sheriff Larry Spence. "I think they've done that."

Now the court has approved narrowly tailored specific regulations for eight-liners.

After 60 days from the day the regulations were passed, those establishments in unincorporated parts of Willacy County will need to get a permit from the sheriff's office.

Permits will require fire inspections and stricter operating hours. People convicted of recent gambling or fraud crimes can be denied.

"We'll do the background checks and everything on them," said Spence. "Then we will issue final approvals when we get that ready."

In their resolution, commissioners said eight-liners give way to litter, congestion and illegal gambling.

The new rules also call for 5,000 feet between each eight-liner in the county.

Some eight-liners are expected to be weeded out by the permitting process, said Spence. Others may quit during the process.

Three eight-liners are allowed under the new regulations. The existing eleven eight-liner businesses have a chance to be grandfathered in.

You can read the policy that was passed by commissioners below.


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