A petition to get Roma ISD teacher out of administrate leave has over 10,000 signatures

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More than 10,000 people have signed a petition asking the Roma Independent School District to remove a teacher from administrative leave.

A petition to get a Roma Independent School District teacher out of administrative leave has gathered over 10,000 signatures in one day. 

Roma High School English Teacher Taylor Lifka was put on administrated leave, because of parent and community complaints over the content posted on her virtual classroom. 

"All students in this world have a right to be seen and heard for the identities they bring to the classroom each and every day," Lifka said. "The enormous amount of students at Roma High School who have organized and willingly entered this conversation are the future leaders of our nation."

Correction: Due to editing errors, this story didn't accurately capture Lifka's statement. Her quote has been updated.

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