Alamo Academy Re-Opens after Nearly 50 Students Called in Sick

By: Christian Colón

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ALAMO – Almost four dozen students called in sick with flu-like symptoms last week at an Alamo Christian Academy.

The Macedonian Christian Academy administrators told staff and students to stay home for two days after 47 students called in sick.

The Academy’s administrator James Mendoza says the school had to be disinfected during the shutdown.

“Our cleaning crews came in and wiped down all of our tables and desks. We had them Lysol off the entire school, both campuses North and South, elementary and secondary,” says Mendoza.

On Tuesday, the school only reported six students were absent; Mendoza says it was for unknown reasons.

The regional director, Emilie Prot, warns parents to keep their children home when they’re sick, especially when they go to small school environments.

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