Animal shelter in Sullivan City asking for hay donations to feed farm animals

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The high-temperatures are impacting animals at the Sullivan City-based Yaqui Animal Rescue.

The shelter is calling on the public for hay and food donations to feed the farm animals being housed there.

The heat and lack of rain caused their grass to dry out, and the shelter does not have their own irrigation system.

“We have 19 cows right now and five horses, they rely on the grass to eat every day,” Yaqui Animal Rescue Public Relations Coordinator Alyssa Ceroni said. “We need horse feed, cow feed, pig feed, chicken feed, we have a lot of farm animals in addition to our 90 dogs and 80 cats that we have."

The feed and hay donations can be dropped off at 1803 Bryan Rd. in Mission.

Monetary donations can also be made online. 


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