Authorities Investigating Scene of Violent Assault

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EDINBURG – Investigators are currently combing through an area on Montgomery Longo Street in Edinburg.

There appears to be two active crime scenes on the road. One at a cordoned-off house located on Monmack and Montelongo roads, and the second in an orchard, where investigators are looking for more evidence.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office said officers responded to a suspicious circumstance call on Wednesday morning.

Upon arrival, they found large amounts of blood and what appeared to have been a violent assault, according to Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra.

"The house is in a disarray and there's large amount of blood. So obviously there was some type of assault," said Guerra.

He said they also found video of a truck leaving the home and drive into the orchards.

The sheriff said they’re looking for the two owners of the home, 55-year-old Ricardo Moreno and 32-year-old Jose Martinez. He said one of them was arrested for narcotics dealing in December 2016.

Officials have received a warrant to start searching the property.

If anyone has any information, call Hidalgo County Crime Stoppers at 956-668-8477.


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