Bayview Man Claims Drainage Ditch Attracts Chiggers to Home

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BAYVIEW – A Cameron County man said an overgrown drainage ditch behind his home has gone ignored too long.

Francisco Hurtado said he's tired of all the chiggers it's attracting. He said the efforts to stop them are costing him a pretty penny.

"It's every two or three days, two bottles for the body, two for the house. You know, insecticides are expensive," Hurtado said.

The man told CHANNEL 5 NEWS besides the chiggers, the ditch is also attracting plenty of snakes. He said an alligator recently got stuck inside this drainage pipe.

Hurtado is frustrated and wants the Bayview Irrigation District 11 to take care of the problem.

"If we pay taxes, they should come clean this up. How are they going to leave it like this?" Hurtado questioned. "Do you think it's fair? It's not fair. As soon as you don't pay your taxes on time, they send you a letter from attorneys saying your land will be put up for auction. Why don't they make sure they do things the right way like we have to?"

Irrigation District 11 General Manager Victor Ramirez denied an on-camera interview about the issue.

He said the ditch belongs to the district but is not used by them. The manager added crews were sent to clear out some of the heavy brush last year at Hurtado's request.

"I just need their help. Let’s see if they can come and clean this up," Hurtado said,

Ramirez said the district is looking into this issue again. He said their current priority is to make sure citrus growers are getting the water they need for their crops.

He's hoping to address Hurtado's concerns by the end of the week.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS will continue to follow this story.


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