Biden touts bipartisan border security bill during Brownsville presidential visit

By: Christian von Preysing

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While in Brownsville, President Joe Biden made a plea to lawmakers in D.C. to pass a proposed bipartisan border security bill.

Biden held a press conference at the Brownsville Border Patrol station during his Thursday visit to the city. It was his first visit to the area.

At the press conference, Biden said Republican Congress members need to get onboard with the bill, adding that it includes the toughest reforms ever offered.

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"Folks, it’s real simple — it’s time to act. It’s long past time to act,” Biden said.

Prior to the press conference, Biden met representatives from Homeland Security, Border Patrol and other agencies to discuss how they're struggling to process new entries and asylum claims.

“They desperately need more resources,” Biden said. “They need more agents, more officers, more judges, more equipment in order to secure our border. Folks, it's time to move on this. We can't wait any longer."

Biden referred to what he called a “comprehensive immigration plan” that he pushed when he entered office that did not pass.

The president said his team addressed the issue again by bringing in conservative Republicans and progressive Democrats, resulting in the bipartisan bill he promoted Thursday.

The proposed bill is being endorsed by the National Border Patrol Council, which has been one of his biggest critics on immigration

"With this deal we can hire 1,500 additional border security agents, 1,500 additional officers in between ports of entry, “Biden said. “For the last four years, staffing has been roughly that — flat. Agents are working overtime, working long hours patrolling the border."

Biden acknowledged the 2 million backlogged asylum claims and said at the current rate they're being processed, they can take up to seven years to complete.

Biden hopes his Valley visit — and support from local leaders — will build support for his border bill in Congress.


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