Brownsville non-profits focused on helping homeless get out of cold

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An organization in Brownsville is hoping to get some people into warmer temperatures.

Jewell Kimbrough has been getting help from the Good Neighbor Settlement House from more than a week now.

"Without Good Neighbor, we would have nothing." Kimbrough said.

The non-profit has been offering necessities such as food, showers a change of clothes — all things Kimbrough said she's grateful for.

"They have been 100% behind us." Kimbrough said.

Kimbrough said she's happy to get out of the cold and indoors, now that the arctic air is here. 

Good Neighbor has partnered with the Ozanam Center for the past week to get people off the streets. Flyers have been handed out to people letting them know they have a warm place for them to stay.

"Right now what we're doing is helping the homeless because of the cold weather we're trying to encourage them to go to the shelter," Good Neighbor Settlement House Assistant Director Belinda Bradford, said. "A lot of the homeless find it difficult to find a safe place to sleep, to keep warm. So they look for establishments where they can huddle up in the back of an alley or someplace where it's not very typically safe."

Good Neighbor has also been hitting the streets on foot, going to areas of town where the homeless gather. Staff has also been handing out blankets, mittens, gloves and hand and foot warmers.

"We have had families ask for blankets, but unfortunately we have a very limited amount. We have very few donations." Bradford said.

The Ozanam Center says they have taken in around 10 people over the past two days who were picked up by Good Neighbor, and they are hoping the number will increase.


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