Brownsville shelter seeking new home

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A Brownsville organization that helps the homeless is now looking for a new place to call home.

For a year now, Red Wagon Ministries has been feeding, clothing, and assisting Brownsville residents who have fallen on hard times.

Red Wagon Ministries began leasing property they hoped to buy after they became a non-profit funded by the state. But due to the pandemic, that hasn't happened yet.

If considered a non-profit, they would be eligible for tax exemptions and receive grants that would help pay for the organization’s upkeep. Currently, they are funding it on their own.

Founders Brian and Cammie Crisp were told they can't stay here too much longer.

"We were given notice by our property owner that our lease could be up at the end of October,” Brian Crisp said. “He has offered a 90-day extension."

For co-founder Cammie, the thought of having to tell the people they are helping they can no longer stay is difficult.

"We'd have to sit them down and just tell them the truth that we're trying to get another area,” Cammie said. “I don't even want to think about that conversation."

Red Wagon Ministries is reaching out to the community in hopes they'll get some type of donation or even a spot they can call their new home.


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