Brownsville vegan bakery getting ready for orders of Rosca de Reyes

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Fresh out of the oven, and into the hands of eager customers, residents are ready to celebrate a tradition as they pick up their Rosca de Reyes for Three Kings Day.

“It's just part of the tradition. I remember as a little kid we always pick it up and it just keeps it going,” Donna resident Jaime Ortiz said. “We just gather the family and each get a piece and then we see who is the lucky one."

Ortiz picked up his order from the Brownsville bakery Sweet Craft Vegan, where according to owner Amanda Nolan, the majority of their customers aren’t vegan.

Friday should be one of their busiest times of the year.

“We started preparing yesterday,” Nolan said. “So we do have a few orders today, but for tomorrow we have the bulk of our orders."

More than 40 rosca orders have been placed so far, a decrease of 40% compared to last year’s orders, Nolan said.

Nolan blames inflation for the decrease as the bakery. The price of flour increased by 20%, causing her to increase prices.

“We ended up having to switch suppliers just because we were bad from before, their prices went up like a lot,” Nolan said. “We are still making money from them, and I do want to make sure that people can afford to get the things they want."

Nolan is hoping the changes she's made will keep her business afloat.



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