Change in Scofflaw Making Tax Collection Difficult for Camer

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BROWNSVILLE – A change in legislation is making it difficult for Cameron County to collect taxes and stop drivers who shouldn’t be on the road.

County commissioners say it comes down to changes in Texas’ Scofflaw program.

It allows counties and municipalities to reject vehicle registration to those who have failed to appear in court or owe taxes and fees.

On Tuesday, Cameron County Commissioner David Garza said for eight months the tax office hasn’t received reports from the Justice of the Peace in regards to the scofflaw.

Prosecutors say the law is retroactive, meaning they can’t default someone now until they send out three written notices.

“I believe the legislature, while well-intentioned, ends up hurting the taxpayers in the end because we don't have those funds that we would have had months earlier,” said Cameron County Precinct 2 Commissioner Alex Dominguez.

Judge Eddie Trevino says the overdue amount comes close to $40 million. He said collecting those fees would help county funding.

Dominguez recommends revisiting the issue in August.


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