Changes at Intl. Bridge Causing Long Wait Times

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BROWNSVILLE – People coming in to the U.S. are complaining about long wait times at U.S. ports-of-entry.

Customs and Border Protection has confirmed Rio Grande Valley officers are being sent to Eagle Pass to assist with a caravan.

Some people at the Brownsville port-of-entry say the long wait times are bringing stress and making them not want to cross.

Earl Mire says his wait time at the Brownsville International Bridge was two hours long.

"The lines do get long, but if they have enough people working, it’s not that big of an issue," says Mire.

People at the Hidlago-McAllen International Bridge say they have similar feelings.

Hubardo Gomez says his wait time was roughly two hours long as well.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to CBP about the slowdowns; they sent a statement in return.

“CBP continues to monitor several caravans migrating from Central America. The southwest border will continue making necessary preparations; these include participating in operation readiness exercises and mobilization of resources as needed."

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