City of San Benito Says Clean-Up Notices Working

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UPDATE (10/12): The city of San Benito says the clean up notices are working. 

The city handed out more than 300 notices to property owners who have overgrown yards. 

The city ordinance says grass cannot be taller than one foot. 

The city tells us 75 percent of those given a notice cleaned up their yard. 


SAN BENITO – The city of San Benito sent out notices to hundreds of residents asking them to maintain their properties.

City officials say many of the overgrown lots they inspected are creating health and safety hazards in neighborhoods.

“It’s two components that we’re going after, having the area look nice and clean and also the health issue on combating mosquitoes,” says San Benito Planning and Development Director Bernard Rodriguez.

KRGV’s Angelo Vargas learned if homeowners don’t comply, the city will impose a fine or also place a lien on the property.

Watch the video above for the full story.  


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