Colonia residents receive solar panels

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A teenager in Washington D.C. is helping 30 families in Valley colonias receive portable solar panels to generate their own electricity.

Residents of the Indian Hills colonia in rural Hidalgo County say the panels will be a big help if they lose power.

“We all have kids and we need power for them, to keep the little ones cool during the heat," resident Beatriz Alvarado said.

Those fears of losing power were eased Thursday thanks to Adie Selassie, founder of the non-profit organization Live in the Lights.

"I saw their conditions first hand and I couldn't just go back after a week of being here and not do anything about it," Selassie said.

Selassie was inspired to start her non-profit after visiting colonias around the Rio Grande Valley three years ago. She started Live in the Lights provide sustainable light to families living in these areas. 

Over the news few weeks, a total of 100 solar panels will be distributed.

For more information, visit www.liveinthelights.org.


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