Currently No Gas Shortage in the Valley, Prices Expected

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WESLACO – A senior petroleum analyst with Gas Buddy told CHANNEL 5 NEWS about the possibility of a temporary gas shortage and it will not be widespread.

Late Monday, Commissioner Ryan Sitton for the Texas Railroad Commission posted on Twitter.

"With ten refineries down and distribution channels disrupted supplies will be tight for a while, but company officials are moving quickly to bring back only. So people shouldn't be making runs on gas."

Chairwoman for the railroad commission Christi Craddick in a tweet said, "There's no gasoline shortage at this time. Some issues accessing supplies; companies are working to resolve now."

We emphasize, that if the shortage happens, it should only be temporary and not widespread. Meaning some gas stations may be impacted.

Right now, there is no shortage.

Throughout the evening, we have received numerous of calls about the long lines at gas stations across the Rio Grande Valley.

We remind the public not to panic. There is only a possibility of a temporary shortage.

Prices are expected to rise between 15 and 35 cents within the next two weeks.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke with McAllen Mayor Jim Darling about the panic at the pumps. Darling said if everyone rushes to the pumps, it will create a shortage.

He urges drivers to remain calm. As reported, gas prices may increase, Darling says the increase is nothing to panic about. 

Mayor Darling adds everyone should pray of those in Houston dealing with flooding. He says the Valley should show their heart by contributing to The Red Cross or The Salvation Army. 


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