Detention pond project underway in Harlingen

By: Stefany Rosales

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Harlingen city crews are hard at work to complete a $600,000 detention pond project.

Excavation efforts are underway for the Lozano Detention and Drainage Project, which is located on Lozano Street and Wichita Avenue.

The detention pond gives rain water another place to go after a storm. Water will go into through drainage pipes to the pond, and from there the pond will drain at a controlled rate. 

Harlingen City Engineer Luis Vargas says the size of the detention pond is 50 thousand cubic yards, or around 10 million gallons.

“Which is roughly 318 wheeler trailers, so it's a considerable amount of water that we're trying to detain,” Vargas said.

Crews are working on phase one of the project, which will cover seven acres of land. Phase two will cover the remaining seven acres.

The city says hundreds of homes will benefit from the completed project. 

Federal funds are helping pay for the project

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