DHS to repair breached levee system in Hidalgo County

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In a Friday statement, the Department of Homeland Security said they will repair breeches in the levee along the Rio Grande in southwestern Hidalgo County that was created by border wall construction.

The levee protects the area from flooding and the county recently approved a resolution calling on the Biden administration to fix the breaches after President Biden ordered construction of the border wall to halt. 

In a Friday news release, DHS said they will repair the levee.

“DHS will start work to quickly repair the flood barrier system to protect border communities,” the department announced in a news release. “This work will not involve expanding the border barrier.   

The announcement was made hours after Hidalgo County Judge Richard F. Cortez announced the county was considering fixing the levees and requesting a federal reimbursement. 

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DHS also said they plan to remediate soil erosion caused by border wall construction in San Diego, California.

“DHS will soon complete a plan that identifies additional measures to address the damage resulting from the prior Administration’s border wall construction,” the release continued.

In a news release, Hidalgo County Judge Cortez said the news was welcoming.

“I appreciate DHS and the Biden Administration acknowledging that this flood barrier system is a critical deterrent to catastrophic flooding,” Judge Cortez said. “This move to repair the four major breaches and any other damage to our levee system alleviates significant concerns about safety as we approach the beginning of the hurricane season on June 1.” 


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