Displaced Hurricane Family Waiting for FEMA Housing Aid

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WESLACO – It’s been a long 19 days of waiting and uncertainty for Isabel Sierra.

Her home is 300 miles away. She sleeps away from her children. She's waiting for FEMA aid to resume her life.

Hurricane Harvey displaced Sierra, her two children and husband from Richmond, Texas. Her rental home flooded as the Brazos River rose.

"We stayed a few nights in and out of our vehicles, and eating soups," she said.

The family now occupies two homes in the Rio Grande Valley. They wait here because FEMA won't issue housing assistance until Sierra is back in Richmond to complete the process.

"The drive is five hours, our vehicle is unreliable, financially we can't make it."

CHANNEL 5 NEWS looked into the issue. We contacted FEMA to find out about alternatives.

The agency said a representative called the family to work out a plan.


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