Doctor's Physical Therapy and Sports Institute

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EDINBURG - When it comes to being an athlete, your health and body are your number one priority.

So how can you keep it in top condition at all times?
"Here at Doctor's physical therapy and sports institute, we focus on preventative injury to allow athletes to be more in tune with their body, an understand what the rigor of their training is putting their body in the stresses and the strains and helping them prevent that from becoming an injury," said Dr. Andre Acuna."

But why is it so important?

"The importance of taking care of your body now is because in the long run it's going to cause issues that your body may not be ready for," said Dr. Andre Acuna. "Also in the training that athletes do now, there has to be a period of rest and rejuvenation so their muscle structures cab repair themselves and get ready for the next strenuous activity or sport that they are going to go under."

Not only is a hydro works under water treadmill available, there is also the option of an alter g anti-gravity treadmill, a game rated cold compression, thor cold laser therapy, an dry needle therapy. 

"We have focused on bringing down innovative technology, sports specific training, science for sport type technology to help athletes really take care and prepare their body, said Dr. Andre Acuna.

Dr. Andre Acuna and his wife Anessa Acuna are physical therapists looking to educate and rejuvenate athletes so they are physically healthy during season and in the off season.

"We are here to offer the help to give them the understand of what their body should be going through, the rigorous training they should be doing sport specific training, and also the recovery to help them get to the goals they would like to establish," said Dr. Andre Acuna.


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