Emergency Assistance Available for Disabled and Elderly during Flooding

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HARLINGEN – The floodwaters left many people who can’t afford to get around trapped in their homes.

It’s been several days since a neighborhood in Harlingen was devastated.

The homes sit behind a small lake. When the rain hit, the water overflowed.

“The water just rushing like a river going through here,” said Akio Koite.

Koite, who is 85 years old, says for the most park all he could do was watch the damage unfold.

Cameron County Emergency Management Coordinator Tom Hushen says the county has a 2-1-1 system where people need to register before a flood happens.

When registered, the person will be placed on a list and first responders will know to make them a priority.

Anyone in the state of Texas can register online through the Department of Public Safety website.

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