EMS Weigh In on Emergencies at Valley Ports-of-Entry

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HIDALGO – A Reynosa resident is concerned about long lines at the port of entries.

Evangelina Arellano says she travels to the U.S. from Reynosa on a regular basis.

She tells us she does not have any major health concerns, but admits she is getting older and never knows what can happen.

Arellano says she wonders what border law enforcement would do if they saw a pedestrian or someone in a car having a health emergency.

"I think they would help,” she says.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS asked Customs and Border Protection how it would handle a situation where someone in line at the border has a health scare such as a heart attack.

In a statement, CBP spokesperson Richard Pauza says in that situation:

"CBP immediately contacts emergency medical services and EMS responds to the port of entry."

Paul Bazaldua, a spokesperson for Hidalgo County EMS, says his group will respond like every other 9-1-1 call.

He adds, it makes no difference if Arellano is from another country.

"We do not have jurisdiction to determine whether they're us citizens or not. By state law, we have to respond to anybody that's called 9-1-1," says Bazaldua.

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