Expert shares tips on how to prepare your vehicle for cold weather

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The cold weather can also cause problems for cars.

While icy roads aren’t expected to be an issue over the weekend, vehicles can respond in a lot of different ways to the cold weather.   

Among the effects are low tire pressure and door handles freezing shut. 

Ruben Cantu – co-owner of Integrity Auto Repair in McAllen – says not to fret if the dashboard is warning you of no tire pressure.  

“Air pressure actually decreases when it's cold outside, so if it's cold outside you always want to try and keep your air a little bit higher than what it should be,” Cantu said. “So if it's set at 35 psi, try to go to 37, so that way it doesn't come down as much."  

Another issue could be the car not starting due to the battery. Cantu recommends drivers have jumper cables handy to jump start a car. 

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