Family gifted puppy after losing dogs in bee attack

By: Brenda Villa

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A McAllen family is adding a new addition to their family after their dogs were killed in a bee attack last week.

The dogs died after being stung over 100 times on March 15, the Cantu family said.

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When Roxanne Puente and her fiancé heard of what happened to the dogs, they reached out to the Cantu family.

"We looked them up, and we thought about how we wouldn't know what would happen if that would happen to our big dogs," Puente said. "We thought, 'we should give them a puppy if they were emotionally ready for it.'".

Puente and her fiancé said they're happy one of their puppies is going to a loving home. 

"We're super blessed to have this little puppy, and we’re excited," Ricky Cantu said.

The Cantu siblings named their new puppy Marvel.

"I think something that was really beautiful was just seeing the kindness of people throughout this," Silvia Cantu said. "The kindness of someone who didn't know us, [they] just saw the news... and they just decided to reach out to us and do something that was extremely sweet, and we're just so grateful for them," Silvia Cantu said.


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