Fire Crews Contain Structure Fire in Palmview

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PALMVIEW – Firefighters have contained the scene of a structure fire in Palmview.

It happened just south of La Homa Road along Gracie Avenue.

Thick black smoke from the fire was visible for several miles.

Authorities said there was a car port with several vehicles and equipment.

Fire officials told CHANNEL 5 NEWS there were also loud noises as electrical lines fell down.

Palmview Fire Chief Christopher Barrera said the fire is now contained.

"Immediate concern was to make sure there was no threat to life safety. Once we determined that there was no body that was in trouble or trapped or anything like that, we proceeded to protect the homes," said Barrera.

The fire chief said that the area is under county jurisdiction, so the county fire marshal will be investigating the incident. 

Both Palmview and Mission have a response agreement to help in the area.

No one was harmed and no animals were hurt.


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