Flood Damaged Vehicles Expected to Hit Market

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WESLACO - The Texas Department of Insurance is anticipating flood damaged cars to hit the market.

Officials encourage residents to do their homework before buying.

David Muniz, Store Manager at Pueblo Tires in Weslaco, says buyers can spot flood damaged cars.

"If they close the vehicle, it'll have a smell like humid smell. That's a good indication it's been under some water somewhere," says Muniz.

Muniz also advises car buyers to look under the carpets and spare tires to see if you can spot any water marks.

He also says strong scents of cleaning supplies could mean the previous owner is trying to hide the damage.

Muniz says the best thing potential buyers can do is take the car to a shop to get looked at.

The Texas Department of Insurance tells us RVs and boats should also be inspected the same for potential flood damage.


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