Flooding continues to impact some Cameron County residents

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Nearly every city in Cameron County has invested in drainage projects in recent years, but how are things holding up?

The areas of Santa Rosa and parts of La Feria have continuously flooded in the last few years, causing residents like René Rodriguez to stay on high alert when storms like the one on Wednesday hit.

Rodriguez says his home was spared this time around, but that doesn't mean he didn't prepare.

"I put sandbags around my mobile home and car," he said.

While the recent storm brought hours of heavy rainfall, Cameron County Emergency Management Assistant Director Rolando Casas said it wasn't as bad as they anticipated.

County workers brought in water pumps to move floodwater out and into the floodway.

"Right now, we have a good positive flow going with just natural gravity flow," Casas said.

Emergency management officials say flooding is expected in areas where there are more homes and streets and less green space to stack up floodwater into the soil.


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