Former Valley reporter shares experience living in China amid novel coronavirus outbreak

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WESLACO – The capital of China has become a ghost town over the last three weeks due to the impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak throughout the country.

For Oscar Margain, a journalist who lived in the Rio Grande Valley for several years, it’s a shocking silence.

Margain started recording some of the busiest areas of Beijing when the virus started putting a damper on China’s biggest holiday – Lunar New Year.

Constant monitoring for people who show symptoms of the novel coronavirus and decontamination is the new norm for Margain.

“… I look back and I think ‘I didn’t come over here for this’, like this is not the reason why I came to China, to be stuck in my apartment and having to deal with this virus and having to be conscious about every little thing I do, every movement I make, everything I touch, every time I touch me face,” Margain said.

He’s says – for now – it’s a waiting game.

Watch the video above for the full report.


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