gas prices affecting taxi drivers in the valley

By: Monica De Anda

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Local taxi drivers are feeling the impact of the high gas prices. Some local taxi drivers say they're paying double in fuel costs compared to just a few months ago.

Jose Luis Hernandez drives his taxi drivers in downtown McAllen. His day starts early; by 8 a.m., he's ready to provide transportation services to anyone who needs it.

But Hernandez says the rising gas prices are starting to affect business.

"Before I would fill up my tank with 40, $45," Hernandez said. "Now, I'm having to pay at least $60."

That $20 jump is now impacting his wallet.

"If you factor in gas prices, insurance, vehicle maintenance," Hernandez said. "The profit is very minimal."

Several taxi drivers in the downtown McAllen area echo Hernandez's statements. While gas prices increase, the taxi drivers say the rate for customers to ride has stayed the same for years.

While the drivers say they don't necessarily want prices for their customers to go up, some are hoping prices will go back down and provide them relief.


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