Guatemalan families believe their loved ones were victims in Mexico massacre

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Mexican state police on Friday found 19 bodies inside a burned pickup truck in the state of Tamaulipas. Now several Guatemalan families believe their loved ones could be among those bodies found. 

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Luis Carlos Velásquez, the governor of the department of San Marcos in Guatemala said although there's no evidence that these 19 burned bodies could be of Guatemalan migrants, he will continue to help family members that claim these bodies are their loved ones. 

Tamaulipas and federal Mexican authorities have not said who the victims were. Their bodies were found piled inside a pick-up truck that had been set on fire on a rural road near the state line of Nuevo Leon in Camargo. 

As of Monday, a local university in Guatemala City has collected DNA samples from family members which will be used in the investigation.

The case remains under investigation.

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