Harlingen Homeowner Still Facing Irrigation Problems Months after Purchase

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UPDATE (5/10): Water is now flowing at the property.

Maria De Luna says she paid the Harlingen Irrigation District a total of $700 for a valve and services, but never got any water.

A work crew was dispatched and fixed a broken valve near De Luna's home today.

She's ready to start planting grass.


HARLINGEN – A Harlingen homeowner is still having irrigation problems months after moving in to her new home.

She thought everything was taken care of when she moved in.

"I said 'wonderful'. I got all excited, you know. Because, hey, I'm going to have grass and this and that," says Maria De Luna.

De Luna had been looking at bare ground since she moved in to the new home in December.

The property was largely bare dirt, even dust blows around the lot. 

It costed $511 to install a new valve and $196 to set up the water service for a year.

The Harlingen Irrigation District completed the valve installation, but the water didn't start flowing.

"So he does and opens the valve, no water," she says.

One month later, the water still wasn't coming.

Tom McLemore, manager of the Harlingen Irrigation District says the staff is looking into it.

He explains the property was unused and unconnected before De Luna moved in.

"The property where she's at now has had that pipeline shut off years ago," says McLemore.

He says anyone can get in touch to report a problem.

"And we'll do our best to get water," he says. "Obviously everyone this year wants water."


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