Health Officials Note Spike in Cyclospora Cases

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WESLACO – The state is launching a public health investigation after a spike in cyclospora cases. At least two cases were reported in the Rio Grande Valley.

Cyclospora is a parasite that causes an intestinal illness. Symptoms include diarrhea, severe fatigue and loss of appetite.

Past outbreaks in the U.S. have been associated with consumption of imported fresh produce.

In the last month, Texas has seen more than 68 cases. State health officials are urging the public and local doctors to be on alert.

“The more information we can collect, the more people we can talk to who are experiencing this, the greater the chances are that we will be able to identify what’s going on,” Chris Van Deusen with the Department of State Health Services said.

Officials said right now, the source of the illness is not known. Infection is generally not transmitted directly from person to person.

Health officials recommend thoroughly washing all fresh produce before consumption. They also said cooking it will help kill the parasite.


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