Heart of the Valley: H-E-B dietician offers tips on diabetes prevention and management

By: Lily Celeste

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Diabetes is so prevalent in the Rio Grande Valley that you either have diabetes, or you know someone who is living with the disease.

It may feel like it's an inevitable diagnosis in our community, but there are ways for you to take control to prevent the disease.

South Texas Health System, H-E-B and KRGV are partnering to offer free glucose screenings throughout the month of April as part of our Heart of the Valley campaign.


Whether you're just trying to keep the disease at bay, or you're already living with diabetes, glucose screenings and smart diet choices are key. 

H-E-B can help with that. 

“We have a team of expert dietitians across the state that get to see patients one-on-one,” H-E-B Dietician Joann Breaux said.

Breaux says a diagnosis doesn't mean you have to ditch your favorite foods forever. 

“It can be a challenge when you're managing a new disease, and you can't avoid looking at these things when you're at the store,” Breaux said. “As a dietitian, I wouldn't say this is something you have to cut out for the rest of your life. Feel free to have something that brings you joy and happiness, but we're gonna work on helping you balance out those choices."

You can also swap out some foods with H-E-B's Wellness brand. 

“When you're able to make these simple swaps — say you're eating a sandwich for your daily lunch. Instead of the regular white bread you have [H-E-B Wellness brand bread] with that added fiber, it's gonna help steady that blood sugar over the day,” Breaux said.

Watch the video above for the full story. 

HEB and South Texas Health Systems are offering free diabetes screenings in the month of April. Visit our Heart of the Valley page to view our calendar for times and dates where the screenings will be available.


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